It’s time to celebrate another successful, transformative year at Otak! From perspectives to projects to people - we had a lot to share. So, what were some our most impactful moments? Revisit our top headlines of 2023 as we recap the stories that collectively defined our year and made us stronger as an organization.

Top People News:
- A moment on the future, most notably out new internship program:
- A moment of equity, celebrating International Women’s Day:
- A moment of fun, getting outside on National Take a Hike Day:

Top Project News:
- A moment of teamwork, breaking ground on 30th and Colorado’s new protected underpass:
- A moment in the field, dissecting WSDOT’s Fish Passage Program with hashtag#FieldNotes:
- A moment in the spotlight, showcasing our work on the Adam’s County Veteran’s Memorial:

Top Perspectives:
- A moment of community, discussing the benefits of Active Transportation:
- A moment of innovation, vocalizing the impact of Modular Architecture:
- A moment of insight, piecing together the puzzle of success in School Bond Management:

Experiencing and sharing these moments makes us proud to be Otakians - thank you for following us in 2023, and be on the lookout for even more impactful stories in 2024!

Marketing by the Numbers Review for 2023

Gotober and Get There Oregon Stats for Otak's 2023 Contributions (Otak's Colorado office came in first for the small business category for the Gotober competition!)

This is the first page in the map section for the Down Valley Connector Trail proposal. The entire section, including captions and inset close ups, can be seen in the photo gallery below. Click an image to see a page at full scale.

Key issues and opportunities maps for the Down Valley Connector Trail proposal in Durango, CO | Client: City of Durango
Key issues and opportunities maps for the 108th Avenue NE proposal in Kirkland, WA | Client: City of Kirkland
Key issues and opportunities maps for the Maroon Creek Trail proposal in Aspen, CO | Client: City of Aspen

Issues and opportunities map for a proposal of a project in Boulder, CO | Client: Boulder County

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